Tours on water

Basic information

Guided tour - 1,5 hours total
Offered in English, Russian, Lithuanian
Distance to paddle - 4,5 km 
Difficulty - easy (suitable for beginners)
No canoe experience is necessary.

Tour overview

Gone are the days when large steamships moored here with all their cargoes. Nowadays, cargo ships stop in the modern port of Klaipeda, while Dane (Dange) River is left at our disposal with all its urban, sometimes industrial embankments. Explore Klaipeda from a different perspective. Take a look at the city's industrial part, discover the old Memel fortifications and get up close and personal with the Meridianas sailing ship. 
This city tour is suitable for travelers with tight schedule. It is also a great introduction into paddling and an opportunity to experience a real cedar strip canoe in action.

What we'll do

We will pick you up at our meeting point (see below) in the Old Town of Klaipeda. A quick transfer to the upper reaches of Dane River and we are ready to paddle. We will begin with a briefing, introduction to canoe paddling and will practice some basic canoe strokes. Led by a guide you will paddle towards the Old Town of Klaipeda, exploring the old embankments, mid-century Memel fortifications and finally the old town with its Prussian architecture. This is a short, yet guided tour, so we will tell you a lot of interesting facts about the history of this almost 800 year old town and of course will make some memorable pictures of you paddling this stylish cedar strip canoe.

What we'll provide

Hand made cedar strip canoe, hand made wooden canoe paddle, PFD, dry bags. Transfer and a guide.
We have two and three seat canoes, we will work out the best choice on the day.


Things to take: sunscreen, glasses, hat, swimming suite, bottle of water, rain waterproof jacket and a full change of clothes.
What to wear while canoeing is important.

When the air and water are warm, simply dress for a day at the beach. Keeping in mind to wear things that protect you from the sun and keep you cool.

When the air is cool, you have to assess the conditions and your capabilities more carefully. 

The key concept to bear in mind is layering. Several thin garments will keep you just as warm as a single thicker one, and are much more versatile. Remember you’ll need to think about staying cool as much as staying warm, and you can always add or subtract layers. The base-layer provides insulation and picks up perspiration and either absorbs it (like cotton or wool) or wicks it outward (like synthetic fibers). You want moisture to be wicked away. The insulating layer can be wool, fleece, or a similar material. Look for garments that are cut to allow complete freedom of movement. The outer layer protects you, the base-layer, and the insulating layer from the elements. Make sure it is both windproof and waterproof. 

Footwear can range from old sneakers to hiking boots, to rubber boots.

Group size and requirements

There are 10 spots available on this tour. 
You don't have to fill all of them. Guided tours are meant to be social, so other travelers could join to.
Guests ages 16 and up can attend.
For younger guests, please refer to our "Private tours" section.
Swimming skills are required.
Please refrain from bringing your own alcohol drinks.

Booking policy
Booking confirmation
After submitting booking form, we will send an e-mail with your booking confirmation. We do NOT charge your credit card or Paypal account during booking process. All payment should be made cash prior to departure.

We make every effort to continue, as scheduled with our tours. But sometimes, weather conditions create an unsafe scenario, as a result, a change or cancellation may be the result.

Tour confirmation
Our guides will contact our guests via email 2-3 days prior to the start of your trip. This is the perfect opportunity to let the guide know of any questions or concerns you may have.

Flexible cancellation
If you wish to cancel your reservation, please, let us know at least within 24 hours before the start.

Contact phone: +370 66 238 238