Themed Tours

Small miracles of Klaipėda

This is a tour that we recommend especially for the little ones, that are interested in mystical stories, but it works well for adults as well. In Klaipėda city there are numbers of small sculptures "magical inhabitants of the city" - this tour will let you know where are they hiding and what's their story.

Sculptures like "cat with a gentleman's face", "magical mouse", "dragoon" "chimney sweeper" and other...

  • Duration - 2 hours
  • Prices - 65,00 €

Tours have to be booked in advance by E-mail: or ph..: +370 46 412186, +370 687 52051.


Excursion "Ant žaliųjų šanselių"

An excursion " Ant žaliųjų šanselių " tells you about an interesting and rich part of the events and historical heritage of New Town. We will remember, how the German city of Memel turned into Lithuanian Klaipėda, where the "bonikė" or the tram was driving, where the "šūlmistrai" were being taught, and how the first Lithuanian gymnasium came to be in existence, what was a Bauhaus, historicism and neogothic, where were the glamorous dance evenings, what was promoted by Kipras Petrauskas, who carried the sun of Stalin, and whoever ran from it ... The tiny part of the city is so rich with history, that an hour and a half will pass by like a few minutes. Route: railway station, S. Nėries street, S. Daukanto street, Šaulių street, Lietuvininkų square, and Vilties street.

Translation by Gabrielė Šakinytė


Tours for children 

Excursion for Preschool and 1-4 School grade children “Klaipėdos ABC”
​​​​​​Excursion Contents. During the Excursion “Klaipėdos ABC” the guide will joyfully, vividly, clearly and in plain language will show Klaipedė children and city guests the most important and interesting facts about Klaipėda old town.

Participants of the excursion will not only listen to guide stories but also actively participate themselves in Klaipėda city story: in Theater square they will be actors or even poets; have a splash in old Dane; will learn how were old Klaipėda houses and become old town architects themselves; when children will hear the legend of the city, will try to write the name of the city in other way; will give post pigeons a letter with good wishes for the city; during the play will learn St. John church history; will compete by constructing the model of the ship “Meridianas”; will become the architects of the city and will ‘build’ another one bridge over river Danė; will become old city citizens and artisans; will discover the smallest sculpture of the old town; will participate in quiz in will win the prizes.

Excursion duration: to 1,5 hours. 

Price: 85,00 Euro


(do not) turn left

Joyful and theatric excursion “(Do Not) Turn Left” guided by two masqueraded guides: nun and prostitute. “(Do Not) Turn Left” excursion is full of confrontation dialogue between nun and women of free behavior. In their conversation is also participants of excursion involved.

The Excursion is recommended for bachelor and hen parties and also for everyone who loves or beloved ones, for everyone which are interested in life on Simon Dach, which was born in Klaipėda and was beloved one’s friend's wife. Join also those, who are interested, what inconstancy hides Klaipėda castle tile. Or maybe you are interested, is Klaipėda unimaginable without women of free behavior and what punishment the deserved.

Many interesting things you will learn during the 1.5-hour excursion with a serious nun and beautiful joyful woman.


Artistic Klaipėda

Klaipeda - is a city of free spirit artists. The air is full of love, actions, ideas and significant spots in Old Town of Lithuania's harbor. Where is the place for jazz and how it is related to salt? We will look for inspiration in artworks, sculptures - many unique details which you can find only in Klaipėda. Have you ever been in the famous painter's studio? It is time to smell the odor of paints and dive into symbols, shapes, and colors.

  • Excursion duration - 1.5 hour.
  • Price: 80,00 EUR


Hen party elseway

Themed excursion “Hen party elseway” is “balanced for the brides”.
Old streets of Klaipėda old town will be discovered in a new way: witty, playful and with the forthcoming bride in the front.

For more information call +370 600 24393


Love in the Harbour City

In Klaipėda city, the Love is hiding… LOVE! Let’s go to look after it

Excursion “Love in the harbor city”

Contents of the excursion. We will hear the love story of Tarava Anike. We will hear how Simon Dach, who was born in Klaipėda, in his lyrics offers to 'surrender to the hot flame of the passion'. We will wonder, was the forbidden fruit sweet for our ancestors also. We will admire the work of the sculptors made with love for the city. We will express the wishes from the bottom of our hearts to the miraculous mouse of the old town. Close to the bank of Danė river, we will start believing in the miracle of the "Button of Luck" and we will learn how to sew it in, which will bring the heated love! We will find the beloved symbols of love, learn stories about them. ‘Through the Hole of the Lock’, we will look to royal delicates.


Recreational and sightseeing tour "The Secrets of Catching Amber"

This idea is supported by the Seaside Regional Park! ( ) (Lt) 

Photo gallery: "The Secrets of Catching Amber"

Don't miss the season of amber catching and gathering!
During the tour You will find out about the origins and properties of amber and see an original collection of guide Igoris Osnac.
Amber catching, picking and gathering tricks will be disclosed to You. The bravest will be able to try their strength with a scoop net in the sea waves.
Everyone will come home in jovial mood carrying pieces of amber.
You may choose the site for the tour by the sea. Recommended place in The Seaside Regional Park - Karklė.
Meeting point: Info and Visitor Center (Placio g. 54; (MAP))

Sightseeing tour "Memel in the 19th Century"

Photo gallery: ”Memel in the 19th Century”

Let's turn back the time and take a glance at the 19th century Memel through the prism of history.
A significant historical fact of the early 19th century Memel is the status of the temporary capital of Prussia.
For one year, the town was the residence of King Frederick III William III, his consort Louise, his family and court, and the government.
The development of the city was halted by the Great Fire of 1854, which brought havoc in the town. The fire destroyed the city featuring Baroque and Classicism style buildings and, following rebuilding, the city's dominant architectural styles were Historicism and Art Nouveau.

Recreational and sightseeing tour for children "Charmed Residents of the Old Town" 

Photo gallery: ”Charmed Residents of the Old Town”

Want to smile and laugh, kids and parents? Want to hear legends and incredible stories?
Want to meet and befriend remarkable ‘charmed' residents of the Old Town who would make your most secret wishes and dreams come true?
Then let's get on the road and dream together! This tour can be a wonderful birthday gift to your child! The birthday surprises will never be forgotten!

Sightseeing tour with ‘Mister Captain' "My Wonderful Port Town"

Photo gallery: ”My Wonderful Port Town”

Do You know that our port is older than the city of Klaipėda itself and that from the very first days of its inception Klaipėda grew and developed as a maritime town? Do You know that city's river Danė and the oldest port of Klaipėda?
It is exactly the port that acts as an engine of the phenomenal development of Klaipėda today.
So, get to know the port town with ‘Mister Captain'.


* - Excursions price - 85,00 EUR
* - Duration of excursion - 2 hours.
* - All excursions have to be booked in advance at Klaipėda Tourism and Culture Information Centre (tel.: +370 46 412186, GSM +370 687 52051, E-mail