Klaipėdos dramos teatras (Klaipėda drama theater)

Teatro st. 2, Klaipėda, LT-91248
Tel.: +370 46 314464

Ticket office: +370 46 314453,

1935 is considered as the founding year of Klaipėda Drama Theater, when the closed Šiauliai Drama Theater was moved to Klaipėda. The national theater was open till spring 1939, i.e. until the annex of Klaipėda region. The first Lithuanian troupe of actors was led by Juozas Stanulis. 
November 7, 2015 was the grand reopening of the theater after the reconstruction. The theater became one of the most modern theaters in the Baltic region. Unique sound and light equipment and a modern hydraulic system were installed in the theater. The automatically managed stage can be moved together with the viewers parter. Lifting mechanisms can lift the stage and the parter to various levels, and to turn them sideways. It is possible to hide the seats in the floor, thus turning the stage and the parter into a continuous space, suitable not only for theater plays. The Theater Museum reminds its visitors about the past of this culture institution.

Klaipėda Drama Theater also has four plays, which can be subtitled (English subtitles):

„Tėvas" / The Father (auth. A. Strindberg, director Mara Kimele)

„Kalės vaikai" / Sons of a bitch (auth. S. Šaltenis, director E. Nekrošius)

„Pašaliniams draudžiama" / Keep out (auth. G. Grajauskas, director O. Koršunovas)

From spring 2019 „Kas prieš mus" / Who is against us (auth. G. Grajauskas, director J. Vaitkus)


Klaipėdos valstybinis muzikinis teatras (Klaipėda music theater)

Danės st. 19, Klaipėda, LT-92111
Tel. +370 46 397404,

Facebook page: Klaipėdos valstybinis muzikinis teatras

Klaipėda National Music Theater is the largest professional art company in the Western region of Lithuania. The Music Theater presents highly professional music plays and concert programs to citizens of Klaipėda and the Western Lithuania, and, of course, city guests.
Klaipėda National Music Theater was established in January 1st, 1987. The core of the new theater was the Klaipėda Folk Opera Theater, which was working 1956-1986. The first performance by artists of Klaipėda was shown in 1987. It was the opera “Mažvydas” created by a debut composer A. Žigaitytė, based on the play of J. Marcinkevičius (conductor – Gintaras Rinkevičius, director Gintas Žilys, stage designer Virginija Idzelytė).


Šeiko dance theater

Herkaus Manto st. 31, Klaipėda
Tel.: +370 672 29267, +370 611 14800
E - mail:
Facebook: Šokio teatras PADI DAPI Fish

Formerly called "PADI DAPI Fish" (changed name in tn to VšĮ Šeiko šokio teatras 14th of September 2019) is Klaipėda's dance company which was created by a group of artists named "Fish Eye". The main aim of this company is to establish professional work in contemporary dance in Klaipėda and Lithuania. The Company is exceptional and famous for interdisciplinary work that aims at connecting contemporary dance with different disciplines from various art forms to cultural heritage.
The dance company has already earned his name in the cultural life of Klaipėda and whole Lithuania, company's productions are nominated and awarded for various prizes. The company is always looking for new ways of expression, working closely with artists from different disciplines. Often performing in international festivals and is a member of European networks (Kedja, Identity Move etc.). The company pays attention to different audiences by organizing educational activities, seminars, art camps, open rehearsals.


Klaipėdos lėlių teatras (Klaipėda puppet theater)

Vežėjų st. 4, Klaipėda LT-91246
Tel. +370 46 239932

Ticket sale office: Mondays close
II-V 10.00-17.00 (break 12.00-13.00) ;VI-VII 10.00-13.00

Theater working time: II-V 10.00-17.00

Klaipėda Puppet Theater is one of the youngest and most perspective independent puppet theaters in Lithuania. This theater is always looking for new ways of artistic puppet theater expression. This theater is modern, representative, high in quality, and interesting for both children and adults. 
The mission of the Klaipėda Puppet Theater is to introduce the traditional and untraditional art of puppet theaters to the children and youth of Klaipėda and Klaipėda region, to foster their intellectual and cultural knowledge, and to shape their value system.
Klaipėda Puppet Theater is the only professional repertoire puppet theater in Western Lithuania. “If I had to choose a cultural institution, which is mostly devoted to educating the young generation, their fostering and cultural education, Klaipėda Puppet Theater would be one of the top choices. This theater is the birthplace of various performances and initiatives, which are oriented to the smallest viewers”, theatrologist Gitana Gugevičiūtė wrote.
Theater specialists assess the Klaipėda Puppet Theater as one of the strongest and most ambitious puppet theaters in the country. This theater, regularly organizing performances and various educational projects for children fill the very important theater culture niche for the youth (and adults).

Klaipėdos jaunimo teatras (Klaipėda youth teater)

Bangų st. 5A (Kultūros fabrikas), Klaipėda, LT91250
Tel. +370 686 53577

The creation of the Klaipėda Youth Theater was another step, taken by the Valentinas Masalskis troupe „P.S.” The main aim of this theater remains the same – a constant search of a theater which would be able to intrigue the viewer, with sometimes unexpected and original solutions in both form and content. This search combines not only traditional drama, but also the art of music, movement, rhythmic, and light. In short, Klaipėda Youth Theater seeks to remain an open theater. This aim is presented even in the title of the theater. “For us, youth is not an age group. It is vitality, zealousness, the never ending desire for personal development and development of the environment, which we live in” – the Klaipėda Youth Theater troupe stated. 


Apeirono theater

Turgaus st.16/Tiltų st.12, Klaipėda
Tel. +370 674 86656

Apeironas Theater is the youngest professional theater in Klaipėda, established due to the initiative of young theater directors Greta Kazlauskaitė and Eglė Kazickaitė. The main aims of this theater are creative independence and possibilities for experimentation. The priority of this theater is creativity based on teamwork, the process of creativity, and the search of synthesis of mind and soul in theater.