Sculpture "Puodynė su pinigais" ("Basket with coins")

Klaipėda, continuing its passion for sculptures, has another rather unique specimen – the "basket of coins" located on a pedestal next to a building in Tiltų Street 1.
According to the author of sculpture, Ina Šuliak, in this particular house, which was built in 1915-1916, the first savings bank of the seaport was opened to the public.
A bronze basket was made according to exhibitions in Minor Lithuania History Museum.
The coins of the sculpture are all different – they vary in size, country of origin and period of use. There are also some with the symbol of Klaipeda. This variety represents the fact that Klaipeda is a seaport, where money comes from a trade with foreign countries. The sculpture was sponsored by "Memel credit union". (Author I. Šuliak)

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