The Historical Monument For The First Bikers In Lithuania

Bikers' movement in Lithuania has been present since the middle of the 20th century. The earliest recordings about the first known motorcycles’ club in Klaipeda (in those days known as Memel) entitled "M.S.C MEMELLAND" are found in the local press of 1925.

The first motorcyclists' association in Lithuania entitled "Lithuania's Motorcyclist Club" ("Lietuvos motociklistų klubas") (LMK) was founded in 1928, June 11.

In order to perpetuate the start of the motorcycling origins in Lithuania, in the place of the first automobile and motorcycle club, known as the „clubhouse“, a monument, which also represents the very first serial motorcycle model - "INDIAN - SCOUT 101", has been set.

Antanas Paškevičius - Poška was one of the first bikers in Lithuania. In 1928 together with a well-known traveller Matas Šalčius, they travelled from Lithuania to India on their motorcycles and afterwards wrote a book on the subject - "From the Baltic to Bengali".

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