Sculpture "Kiss"

On the quay of Danės river, at North Horn one can see a girl made out of bronze, standing on her tiptoes and sending a kiss to the sculpture of "Boy with dog" on the other side of Danės river. Thus, the sculpture is named accordingly - "The Kiss". This sculpture decorates and attracts visitors of Klaipėda quay since the start of 2014 June.

The sculpture was made possible by the enterprise „Klaipėdos konteinerių terminalas", which gifted the sculpture as part of their 20 years of existence celebration.

"We hope, that this charming girl will be loved by the tourists, whose caresses will keep her shining all year long" - said Vaidotas Šileika - general director of „Klaipėdos konteinerių terminalas".

(Sculptor Romualdas Kvintas)

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