Sculpture "Katinas džentelmeno veidu" ("The cat with the face of a gentleman")

For many years the object of attraction in Klaipėda's Old Town was the granite sculpture called "The cat with the face of a gentleman", which was created by artist R. Midvikis in 1980. Twice, the sculpture was rebuilt after hooligans stole it, but soon enough it disappeared again. In the summer of 2006, on the occasion of city's birthday, the cat returned to its rightful place in the Kalvių street square.

The sculpture is the true embodiment of a cat - it walks around, leaves and returns on its own accord. It was said that "Old town cat" used to have secret magical powers. If it did not lose that magic touch while wandering around you can check for yourselves.

(Sculptor R. Midvikis)


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