Sculpture "Juodasis Vaiduoklis" ("The Black Ghost")

If you have not heard yet about the mystical ghost, which was mentioned in and old manuscript - you will now. If you have not seen the horrendous, grotesque figure yet - you will. But the best thing is to befriend the spectral creature, many riches and fortune awaits the daring. 
Near the castle remains, just past the swing bridge, there is a bronze sculpture of a ghostly silhouette that looks like it is just stepping out of the water via the shore line. 2.4 metres in height, the sculpture holds its own secret - everyone who comes near the frightful sculpture will be greeted by it.
According to one legend, in 1595, one of Klaipėda Castle guards, Hans von Heidi, saw a ghost. The mystical visitor warned the guard that the city’s supplies of grain and timber may be running out, and with that, it vanished just as it had appeared.

(Sculptors S. Jurkus and S. Plotnikovas, architects V. Dapkevičius and V. Balsys)

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