Klaipėda University building complex

Klaipėda University is the youngest in all of Lithuania. Klaipėda university was established in 1904-1907. When it was build, the neo-gothic Klaipeda university building complex was used as barracks for the soldiers, which contained 6 different buildings for soldiers and commanders. There was also a little chapel, dining-rooms and a weaponry warehouse.
The Klaipėda University building complex that was used for war purposes for almost a century, was adjusted for science, research and studies.
Klaipėda University was born in Kaunas institute and Šiauliai pedagogical institute faculty bases and was opened from the 1st of January, 1991.
Nowadays, in Klaipėda university, there are more then 7 thousand students and 9 working faculties and institutes (Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Marine Engineering, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Pedagogy, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, Maritime Institute and The Institute of Continuing Studies).

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