Klaipėda old architecture

Fachwerk construction, typical for Klaipėda’s architecture, had became one of the symbols of Klaipėda that testified its rapid development and city’s modernization, during the beginning of the nineteenth century.
Fachwerk is known as construction method of recumbent, upright and slanting wooden logs carcass, filled with clay and bricks. The term ‘frachwerk’ is borrowed from German and describes the construction method, requiring skilled labor.
Klaipėda’s fachwerk was especially popular in the first half of the last century, when during the Napoleonic wars here flourished trade, and accumulating capital positively affected the growth of the city. There is a drawing left, taken from Smiltynė side, where people can see Klaipėda’s city of that time. Therein, near to the church tower, masts and windmills you can see rising to a height the silhouettes of warehouses. Fachwerk popularity of the nineteenth century is also confirmed by the one part of the old town being between the street of Great Water and the Square of Market. As you can see, there still stands large groups of fachwerk buildings, courtyards and porches that avoided the Great Fire of Klaipėda in 1854. 
There, in one part of the old town, are many fachwerk buildings, but in the other part, between the streets of Market and Fishers, that burned in 1854, such buildings are true rarity. After the fire this part was rebuilt, but with brick buildings. During the restoration of the city, the building of fachwerks was limited. In 1855, the regulations of construction police required to build homes and warehouses only of bricks, therefore, fachwerk buildings diminished, and public fachwerk buildings became a rarity as well. Since 1890, this method of construction was started to limit not only for fire-fighting, but for aesthetic reasons too. There, in several streets of Klaipėda, characterized only for the port city, stands exclusive fachwerk buildings, constructed in the second half of the eighteenth century. Warehouse, standing in the street of Height, is the highest fachwerk warehouse in Klaipėda and is 16 meters of height. There they stored and prepared the linseeds for export.

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