The Nerija Fort

The construction of the Nerija fort was started by the soldiers of the Kingdom of Prussia in 1864 and completed by the German Empire in 1871. During the period of 1897–1939, the building was handed over to the port and inhabited by civilian. During the Second World War, the fort was blasted. In the period between 1976 and 1978, it was restored. In 1979, Lithuanian Sea Museum was established in the premises of the Nerija fort. The exposition of the Lithuanian Sea Museum consisted of aquarium and expositions including marine fauna, sea birds and mammals and history of navigation. The maritime fort built in the 19th century was revived for cultural purposes.

The Nerija fort currently presents the following historical exhibitions:

  1.     Nerija Fort in the Past
  2.     From a Raft to a Nuclear-Powered Ship
  3.     Seafaring in Lithuania
  4.     Maritime Disasters and Lithuania
  5.     The Sailing Fleet of Klaipeda
  6.     Findings from the Sea Depths




In the museum’s inner yard – Exhibition of the Historical Boats

On the parapet:

  1. Anchor Exhibition
  2. Exhibition –Under the Flag of the Lithuanian Navy


You can also visit:

In the channel near bridge – Great White Pelicans

In the outdoor pools:

  1. Penguins
  2. Harbor Seals
  3. Baltic Grey Seals
  4. Steller Sea Lions
  5. Sturgeons
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