Danės quay - Sailing vessel Meridianas

The educational vessel Meridian was built in 1948 in Finland in a Turku (Finland) shipyard as a contribution to the soviet union after the second world war, along with 48 other similar ships. Very few others remain. The ship that went to Estonia was perhaps the luckiest, as it is currently being displayed in Talin. Meridian, that went to the Klaipeda Navigation School, was the first vessel for many future postwar captains and helmsmen. Meridian as an educational vessel closed its doors in 1967 and opened up as a restaurant on the Dane river quay.

In Autumn 2012, the ship changed hands, and the new owners (Aidas Kaveckas and Aloyzas Kuzmarskis) had it repaired, restored and returned on November 9th, 2013.

The newly renovated Ship offers a marine exposition, in which you can learn about the history of Meridian, its journeys at sea, structure of the ship and various maritime gadgets.

2019-10-15 Moin aus Bremerhaven! Sie haben ein tolles Schiff wiederbelebt, wie ich Anfang Oktober feststellen konnte. Die ´Seute Deern´, Europas ältester holzener Segler in Bremerhaven, steht bei uns kurz vor dem Abwracken. Pflegen Sie die Meridianas gut! Beste Grüße. Carsten