"Crafts yard" ("Menų kiemas")

Here is a brief overview of the crafts yard set up in 18th-century fachwerk warehouses, which also include warehouses with gambrel roofs that became popular in the second half of the 18th century. These unique buildings were usually two storeys high and were sometimes built within yards. They allowed for maximum storage and the upper parts of the buildings usually stuck out to allow horse carriages to pass through. You can find such a warehouse in this yard as well.
Nowadays, the “crafts yard” is the cradle of the cultural life of Klaipėda. There are various crafts workshops here that invite guests to touch, feel and learn about the spirit of past times by making local traditional goods themselves with the assistance of crafts artists.
The artist yard is popular among locals and is highly attractive to visitors because of the many  events that take place here. Among the activities of the workshop, elementary demonstrations, during which the number of visitors is not limited, will be accompanied by seminars of registered groups and artisans as well as master classes, when true masters of their trade will divulge their secrets.

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