Memorial for dead Lithuanian sailors and sunken ships

"Albatross" was unveiled 2011 December 3rd, the memorial is to remember dead Lithuanian sailors and sunken ships.

Lost in the mists of time, but forever in our memory the terrible tragedies and names of victims will always remind us of the drastic relationship between man and sea. In the bottom of the sea lays the commerce motorships that sailed under the Lithuanian tricolour during the interwar: Neringa", "Panevėžys", "Kaunas", "Nida", "Kretinga", "Utena", "Marijampuolė", "Šiauliai". Similar faith faced the only warship of Lithuania at the time - "Prezidentas Smetona".

Over the sea graves of those who did not come back circles albatrosses and seagulls - birds, that according to legend are the ones to which sailor's souls are reborn to.
The memorial seeks to band together the seafaring community. It already is established as Lithuania as a seafaring state's symbol and Klaipėda - as a seafaring centre.

The metallic bird rose for a flight, harbouring hope that it will always stay alive in the hearts of the citizens of Klaipėda and sailors alike.

"Albatross" was sanctified by priest Virgilijus Poškus, the memorial inscription "Išplaukusiems ir negrįžusiems" ("To those who sailed away and never came back") was unveiled by Lithuanian Maritime Academy students.

The memorial was made by JSC Western Shipyard. The memorial authors: sculptor Klaudijus Pūdymas and architect Mindagas Zabarauskas.

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