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Amber seeking tips

Every summer, you wonder why you drove so far and spent so much in order to claim a tiny spot of sand on your favorite beach. Have you ever considered switching your annual beach getaway to the offseason? Imagine no traffic, lower rates, and uncrowded beaches. So, we are suggesting you visit Klaipėda, for your memorable off-season beach vacations. 

Baltic sea cost is the biggest SPA under the open sky. On the beach, you will forget all your worries by just talking a long walk along the empty shoreline and watching relentless crashing of the waves. 
Also, offseason beaches are good area for sea treasure seeking - glass gems, pebbles with a hole or even amber pieces.
And exactly, amber seeking is most popular entertainment during an off-season.  Locals and tourists walk along the Baltic shore and gather amber, or try their luck netting the waves for the gemstone.  
So, we recommend you to join them and sharing with you some amber seeking tips. 
1.Amber should be collected just after a storm, not during the storm. When the waves die down, sea currents roll the much sought-after amber gems along the seabed. 
2. Birds help to discover where amber has been deposited. It is likely to be found in places where birds gather after a storm, and where the waves are seen to be carrying debris. 
3. Amber can also be found where the sea has deposited mounds of seaweed and driftwood in a ribbon along the shore.