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10 reasons why Klaipėda is an awesome workation town

When you want to get away from it all but there’s a deadline looming, you would end up being stuck in the hotel working, while your friends enjoyed the city. Now, you can choose workation, which means you can bring your work with you. With the rise of workation venues around the globe, you can enjoy relaxing activities, feel productive, and be inspired by fellow guests. One of the destinations for a great workation could be Klaipėda in case you need a change in scenery.

Easy to reach 
Getting to Klaipėda is  easy, all you need is to get cheap airline ticket to Palanga airport, which is 30 km away or travel with a comfortable ferry from Kiel(Germany) or Karlshamn(Sweden) . Also, trains and buses can be a good way to travel to Klaipėda from each part of Lithuania.

Do what you love in your free time
Klaipėda isn’t just about walking around old town or visiting museums. It’s a great place to practice sports as well. Cycling, sailing, wind surfing, standup paddle boarding – are all perfect ways to switch off from work and completely live in the moment.
If all of the above is a bit too adventurous for you, you can simply go for a run along the beach after work ;-)

Free WiFi spots around the town
When you travel you usually are looking for Free Wi-Fi Spots. Probably, for workation it is essential. Don’t worry, because in Klaipėda even in the smallest cafes and restaurants you can find free Wi-Fi hotspots. 

Creative Hubs
But if you are no longer enjoying the cafe environment, Klaipėda offers an alternative - modern spaces for freelance workers, start-ups and creative industries companies. The HUB’s are located in the very heart of Klaipeda. Biggest one is Kultūros fabrikas where you will be able to lease a work desk and join the circle of like-minded people who are active and initiative - IT specialists, journalists, designers, linguists, advertisement developers, consultants, start-ups and many more creative industry’s professionals.

Relax and work 
Finding good accommodation that allows you to work can be difficult, but Klaipėda has a wide choice of accommodation where you can work and relax in the same place. Cheap youth hostels, private apartments or four-star hotels, all are situated in the central part of the city or by the sea.

Entrepeneur and coworking  events
Klaipėda is perfect spot for entrepreneurial & co-working events. The town’s excellent location, a developed infrastructure, high standard of services, modern halls - makes Klaipėda a perfect choice for international and national conferences,  exhibitions. 

Velo City Klaipėda
We believe that Klaipėda is a great place for bicycle lovers, because Klaipėda offers well developed cycling infrastructure.  There is 107 km worth of bicycle paths in the town. So from point A to B you could get easy and fast. Cycling is also a preferred way to relax and get to know the city. 

Great base for weekends
Curonian Spit’s National park, Palanga’s resort and Šilutė region are just a few of the places you could visit on weekend trips that are near Klaipėda. Every place is unique in its own way, because there’s so much to see and explore in this area that it would be a challenge to get bored.

Superb place to focus
If you spent time in places where others go on vacation you’ll know that the intense nightlife can be a problem. When you meet nice people who want to go out, it can get really difficult to stay focused. The good thing about Klaipėda is, that even though you can still choose to party, there are fewer people in the low season as clubs only really fill up on the weekends. This will allow you to avoid the hectic nightlife and focus on work even more while still having a good time.

A tiny and beautiful old town
Klaipėda center is charming. You’ll discover loads of great coffee shops, museums, galleries and local restaurants while wandering through the small streets of the old town. Everything you need from a modern city is within a 5 minute walking distance.