Švyturys BHouse

Svyturys Brewery

A reconstructed Svyturys Brewery has already become a new cultural spot in the Klaipeda Old Town. History of the craft brewery which is located in the very heart of the port city dates back to 1784. Open and friendly, Svyturys Brewery offers various tastings and tours introducing brewing processes to its visitors. You could take a walk through the production area equipped with innovative technologies or explore an exhibition (created with the help of Lithuanian people) dedicated to Klaipeda Region brewing history which goes back to the Middle Ages.

Svyturys Bhouse

Svyturys Bhouse, a unique gastro pub is located just behind the glass wall separating pub from the brewery production room. Svyturys Bhouse offers live music gigs and special events in a distinctive space already known for its vibrant atmosphere, while the drink selection (beverage menu looks just like a train station timetable) perfectly complements dishes created by a talented kitchen chef.

Working hours:
Monday to Wednesday 16:00 to 00:00
Thursday 16: 00-01: 00
Friday 16: 00-03: 00
Saturday 11: 00-03: 00
Sunday 11: 00-23: 00

tel numeris
2019-01-21 Sveiki, prašau išimkite svetainės mano numerį 8615 50204 Žmonės skambina dėl staliukų rezervacijos. Dėkoju