Tours for children

Excursion for Preschool and 1-4 School grade children.

            “Klaipėdos ABC”



Excursion Contents. During the Excursion “Klaipėdos ABC” the guide will joyfully, vividly, clearly and in plain language will show Klaipedė children and city guests the most important and interesting facts about Klaipėda old town.

Participants of the excursion will not only listen to guide stories, but also actively participate themselves in Klaipėda city story: in Theater square they will be actors, or even poets; have a splash in old Dane; will learn how were old Klaipėda houses and become old town architects themselves; when children will hear the legend of the city, will try to write the name of the city in other way; will give post pigeons a letter with good wishes for the city; during the play will learn St. John church history; will compete by constructing the model of the ship “Meridianas”; will become the architects of the city and will ‘build’ another one bridge over river Danė; will become old city citizens and artisans; will discover the smallest sculpture of the old town; will participate in quiz in will win the prizes.

Excursion duration: to 1,5 hours. 

Price: 85,00 Euro