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Tourism Marketing in the Country Proves Efficient: Lithuania Sees Record Growth in Tourism

According to the statistical data of accommodation establishments of 2016, last year, Lithuania recorded 1.49 million tourists from abroad who visited Lithuania and spent here at least one night. This is 9.4% more than in 2015. Meanwhile, the number of local tourists increased by 10.2% – as many as 1.26 million of Lithuanian population traveled and spent at least one night in accommodation establishments last year. The overall increase in Lithuania’s tourism in 2016 amounts to 9.8% (compared to 5.9% in 2015). 

“Statistical annual indicators are an unassailable argument for the efficient marketing approach in Lithuania’s tourism. In fact, the increase in Lithuanian tourism is almost twice higher than the European one – the latter amounted to 5% in 2016 according to the forecast of the European Travel Commission. We find it important that the local tourism firmly occupies the Lithuanian tourism market,” Rasuolė Andrulienė, head of the Tourism Development Division of the State Department of Tourism commented.
The list of top ten countries from which most tourists arrived last year has not changed: the highest number of tourists were received from the priority inbound tourism market, namely, Germany (174,800 or 2.8% more than in 2015), also from Belarus (171,900 or +5.2%), Russia (150,600 or +0.7%). An extremely sharp growth was seen in the tourist flow from Ukraine (84,000 or +41.3%), Poland (148,400 or +16.7%), Latvia (134,000 or +15.3%), Estonia (58,000 or 10.9%).
The most significant growth among the priority markets was demonstrated by France. Last year, as many as 36,000 French tourists stayed in Lithuania’s accomodation establishments, i.e. 19.6% more than in 2015.
The growing indicators were also recorded in all remote priority markets: the number of tourists from Israel increased by 25.3% (19,700), from China – by +25.3% (11,900), from Japan – +7.4% (22,600), from the USA – +6.9% (35,200).