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12 Reasons Not to Visit Lithuania

There are hundreds of reasons why it is worth visiting Lithuania, and especially Klaipėda! However, this is not about that. A blogger Fabian Sanchez posted an entry in a website, listing 12 reasons why tourists should not go to Lithuania. Or maybe they should?

1. Lith... what? Wherever that is, it is not a beautiful country.

2. Boring. Who would want to see that?

3. Spring? Lithuanians have no idea what that is.

4. Let's be honest, it's pretty ugly anywhere you go.

5. It is just another church. Haven't you seen enough of those?

6. This beach is totally empty!

7. Lithuanian dishes are too fat and all made of potatoes. Who eats potatoes anymore?

8. Winter is terrible.

9. This country has no history, nor any traditions.

10. Let's not even start talking about sports, for Lithuanians aren't very good at it.

Foto @KK "Neptūnas"

11. Lithuanian beer is not even worth tasting.

12. So why should you visit Lithuania? No reason at all.