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Christmas events in Klaipeda

On the evening 3rd of December Klaipėda starts countdown to most awaited celebrations of the year - Christmas and New Year's. A magically changed Theatre square, a wonderful Christmas tree, a fair and a celebratory uproar will await you beginning December 3, up till the New Year’s Eve.


Attention! Theatre square is a fireworks-free zone.
Organizer of  events in Klaipėda “Klaipėda Celebrations”, together with Klaipėda County Police Headquarters, declare the central area of Christmas events to be a fireworks-free zone.

December 3, Saturday
The main event – a theatrical lightening of the Christmas tree ‘Christmas Miracles Start Here’ – will begin at 5 pm. Along with the lightening; another magical event will take place – the presentation of a French artist Jacques Rival’s project of a snowball ‘I LOVE KLAIPĖDA’, along with a celebratory firework.

December 3, Saturday
14:00 – The opening of the Christmas fair (Theatre square)
16:30 – Maltesers will light up the star of goodness (Danės krantinė, at Žvejų g. 2)

December 4, Sunday
12:00 – The Maltesers will give out the Christmas soup (Theatre square)
13:00 – The University of Applied Social Sciences present an event “Pet Christmas 2016” (Danės square, near the former TEO building)

December 10, Saturday
17:00 – the opening of the project of lights “The Snow Exhibition”. The exhibition will last until January 7, 2017. (Theatre square)

December 16, Friday (Turgaus st., the former Šv. Jono bažnyčios square)
18:00 – A stylized lightening of the crib (or cube). The crib (or cube) will be lighted until January 7, 2017.
18:00 – The concert of Christmas music. You will hear the choir “CANTARE”, the studio “JUNIOR CITY JAZZ”, and “Brass kvintetas”. The partner of the event is Klaipėda‘s Evangelical Lutheran church community.   

December 17, Saturday
12:00 – The Confederation of Lithuania’s Fishermen and Fish Processors, together with Lithuanian Naval Force invites everyone to the fish soup tasting. (Theatre square)
14:00-16:00 – The family afternoon with Santa Claus. The entrepreneurs of Klaipėda‘s old town invite everyone to come.    
17:00 – A concert “Light Your Christmas Lantern”. The main performers are ensembles of E. Balsys Gymnasium or Arts, and the group of children playing wind instruments from Pilkių Evangelical Lutheran parish. The main associates are the Klaipėda’s Democratic Women College and Klaipėda’s Evangelical Lutheran community. (Turgaus st., the former Šv. Jono bažnyčios square)

December 18, Sunday
13:00 – West Lithuania Business Colleges invites everyone to the Christmas marathon “Give Christmas to Seniors” (The start line – Turgaus st. 21)

December 20, Tuesday
13:00 – Foresters’ event “Take Christmas to Your Home” (Theatre square)
December 25, Sunday
16:00 – The Christmas concert dedicated to the 10 year anniversary of Klaipėda carillon  
December 26, Monday
16:00 – “The Christmas Sermon”. You will hear a choir “Aukuras” , Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra String Ensemble, and soloists (Šv. Pranciškaus Asyžiečio chapel)

December 31, Sunday
23:30 – Klaipėda carillon concert on New Year’s celebration
24:00 – New Year fireworks (Theatre square)

December 4 – January 7 (Theatre square)
16:00 – 24:00 – The wonderful Christmas miracle – the magical snowball created by the French artist Jacques Rival and called “I LOVE KLAIPĖDA”. The project was sponsored and presented to Klaipėda – Lithuanian Capital of Culture 2017 – by Klaipėda Industrialists Association.  
The working hours of the Christmas house, where the Christmas fair, festive carousel, and the uproar of winter will await you:
I-IV 16:00-20:00
V-VI 12:00-22:00
VII 16:00-20:00