31 d.

A magical snow globe will invite visitors to Klaipėda for Christmas

Even though there is still two months until the biggest winter holidays, the organizer of Christmas events VšĮ “Klaipėdos šventės” reveal the secrets of winter anticipation.

The start of the grand wonders in Klaipėda will be the Christmas tree lighting ceremony, during which, the main attraction will be introduced to the participants – the project “I LOVE KLAIPĖDA” by French artist Jasques Rival.

“The artist together with his experienced team will be creating a Christmas miracle in Theatre Square – a stylized snow globe. The sculpture of “Taravos Anikė” enclosed in a glass orb will be in the epicentre of the installation that  mimicks the popular Christmas souvenir. Similarly, a snow storm will wrap up “Taravos Anikė” as it usually does in these snow globe souvenirs” explained VšĮ “Klaipėdos šventės” creative director Dalia Grikšaitė.

There is no doubt that this illuminated Klaipėda’s snow globe version is going to become a massive point of attraction for both local residents and tourists. All of the previous projects of this artist attracted a lot of media attention and became a real breakthrough in the field of tourism. The diameter of this enormous snow globe is 10 metres while the height is 6 metres.

A festive town filled with the tastes and scents of a Christmas fair will establish itself in Theatre Square alongside the most important Christmas accents.

“This December Theatre Square is going to become unrecognisable. It will be light and white, however we are not going to reveal all of its accents and Christmas surprises yet. Still, this is the reason why the Christmas fair is going back to the Theatre Square. Festive town decorated in Christmas trappings will surround itself in the smell of roasted nuts, cakes, and hot cocoa. I believe that our sincere wish to inspire the typical European city’s Christmas fair uproar is going to become a reality and it will be a cosy meeting place for people” said Romandas Žiubrys.

Mondays – Thursdays the fair will be open from 4pm to 8pm, Fridays – Saturdays from 12am to 10pm, while on Sundays from 12am to 8pm. Also, a festive carrousel is going to be present in the fair.