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10 ‘Lonely Planet’ choices in Klaipėda

“Welcome to Klaipėda! The third largest city in Lithuania, where present and past collide, invites you. Klaipėda – the past capital of Prussia – has preserved in its architecture the hint of the great Prussia, as well as the fragments of the castle, which dates back to the times of the Teutonic Order. Also, it is the only city in Lithuania which welcomes the ships that are the size of the legendary Titanic.” That is what the biggest publisher of travel guides ‘Lonely Planet’ writes in its website. There one can also find a list of places recommended to visit – 10 ‘Lonely Planet’ choices in Klaipėda.

1st choice – Klaipėda Drama Theatre

The famous neo-classicalstyle Drama Theatre, built in 1857. From the balcony of this particular theatre Hitler announced the Memel anschluss (incorporation).

2nd choice – Klaipėda Castle Museum

This small museum is located in the old ruins of 13th century Klaipėda castle, surrounded by a moat. The exposition reflects the history of the city up until the 19th century, when the castle lost the strategic purpose altogether and was destroyed. Here you can also find a marvelous collection of photos taken during the II World War and in the period after, which depicts the creation of the Soviet city.

3rd choice – Lithuania Minor History Museum

A small museum about Lithuania Minor. Everything that you see or hear in this museum will be about the coastal region, which for a couple centuries was known as a part of East Prussia. The exposition contains maps of Prussia, coins, and archaeological findings.

4th choice – Blacksmith Museum

The museum – a blacksmith – is located in the centre of the city and presents ornate forged-iron articles and fascinating crosses relocated from the old city graveyard.

5th choice – Church of St. Mary, Queen of Peace

This is one of the rarities in Baltic countries – a Catholic Church built during Soviet times. And the best part is that there are excursions to get up to the 46.5 metre high church tower. Let’s go?

6th choice – Baroti Gallery

The gallery which unites art and history, for it is located in the reconstructed fish storehouse of 1819.

7th choice – The Clock Museum

This is an extraordinary museum where the main display is an impressive collection of various old clocks. The best part of this museum is the sundial garden, which is priceless on sunny days.

8th choice – ‘Anikė’

It is a sculpture of Little Annie of Tharau, created by the artist Alfred Künne in 1912. The sculpture was inspired by a famous Prussia’s Lithuanians‘ love and wedding song.

9th choice – the Arc

The monument dedicated for The Act of Tilsit of 1918, and the Klaipėda Revolt of 1923 – events that influenced the fate of Lithuania Minor.

10th choice – “Švyturys“

In Klaipėda, there is the oldest still working brewery in the country, where the famous “Švyturys“ beer has been brewed since 1784. Klaipėda Tourism and Culture Information Centre organises beer tours that present a perfect opportunity to get acquainted with the process of beer production, and to get a taste of it as well.