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Scandinavian hygge lifestyle in Lithuanian seaside

Even though Scandinavian countries are mostly associated with cold and long dark night, but their inhabitants are often considered to be the happiest people in the world. It might be so,because exactly here was born the Hygge lifestyle that is getting popular around the world.
Be here and now, enjoy every moment - that is what hygge is about. So try to get all your worries out of your head and admire what is in front of you: "... if one doesn't want one's soul to miss a wonderful sight..." 
If in the nearby future you do not have the opportunity to visit Scandinavia, we welcome you to Klaipėda to experience the hygge lifestyle!

Coffee break with friends!
To stop for a coffee, a slice of pie and conversation with friends in a nearby small coffee-shop is very hygge. In Sweden it developed into a ritual with a unique name - fika. It should become a compulsory ritual everywhere, especially in Klaipėda! Because here you can drink coffee, converse with friends and enjoy a great seaside view.

Bike rides
Bikes rides can be hygge, if they don't turn in Tour de France and are more along the lines of a calming ride while admiring the scenery. If you are choosing the bike city of Klaipėda for such a trip, it being hygge is guaranteed.

Comfy sweaters
To become a true fosterer of hygge lifestyle, we suggest you admire the calm landscapes of Pajūrio regional park or meet the ships at the northern breakwater in Melnragė, while wrapped up in a comfy sweater. The goal of hygge apparel is experience and not the esthetic, so it matters not how you look like with the sweater, it matters how you feel.

Friends and picnic baskets
Converse and enjoy each other's company, and spend time together is very hygge; and definitely no loud bars or sport events!!! Invite your friends for a cozy weekend in Klaipėda, where you can not only get to know the historical old town, but also enjoy a picnic in the park of the city or by the sea/lagoon.

Holiday feel
Even though hygge is a year-long phenomenon, but it gets the most momentum around a holiday season and Christmas is just around the corner. What can be more hygge than a starry night in snow covered Klaipėda, where the whole atmosphere is heated up by a nice glass of hot wine in a little old town restaurant? What could be cozier?