Klaipėda Piano Masters

Klaipėda Piano Masters

KLAIPĖDA PIANO MASTERS 2017 invites pianists from all over the world to receive knowledge and training while discovering the beauty of Samogitia and the Baltic Sea.

In 11 days the students will be provided with varied and intensive programme including

- individual piano lessons

- a concert tour in Samogitia (Klaipėda, Palanga, Plungė, Plateliai)

- group lectures and discussions, focused on stage presence, management skills, public relations, style and psychology, taught by prominent artists, teachers, TV hosts, and professional managers

- massage and physical training based on dance, yoga, Pilates exercise and Alexander technique

- leisure activities, including the prominent Lithuanian Sea Festival “Jūros šventė”

Admission is open to pianists from 14 to 35 years old. The tuition fee for active participation is 330€. It includes 4 individual piano lessons with Mr. Gintaras Januševičius, 7 group lectures, 5 hours of physical exercise, 2 massage appointments, performances at the concert tour, as well as transportation to all events outside of Klaipėda. Lodging is also included in the fee.

All group lectures and physical training will be taught in English or translated to English from Lithuanian or Russian. Individual piano lessons can be taught in English, Lithuanian, German or Russian.
  • Liepos 20 - 30
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