International street theater festival "Šešmukšnis"

International street theater festival "Šešmukšnis"

Taking place from the 7th to 9th of July, the festival “Šermukšnis” is returning to the Theatre Square. The programme of the festival, which is one of the representative events of the city, contains projects of various genres: theatre on water and in trees, theatre of masks, street buffoonery, pyrotechnic and video installation performances, new circus, pantomime, and interactive spectacles in which the audience itself becomes part of the performance. The festival communicates with an audience of all ages and social classes by means of a democratic language and action of street theatre that needs no translator. Theatre troupes and artists from Argentina, Belgium, Spain, Poland, France, Russia, and Germany are awaited.

A conference called “The Street Theatre – Closer to Entertainment or Art” is going to take place during the festival at Klaipėda Drama Theatre. The conference is going to be attended by Lithuanian and foreign theatre producers, festival guests, and art students.

The new, attractive, and intriguing visual identity of the festival is created by the artist named Anatolijus Klemencovas.

A decorative composition “Festival Buffoonery” (“Šventės bufonada”) will be exhibited during the festival, while a large-scale artistic composition “Theatre” (“Teatras”) will be exhibited throughout the whole Theatre Square.

The festival is going to be advertised by the winners’ works of the “Šermukšnis 2017” poster contest that is organised by the Klaipėda Faculties of Vilnius Academy of Arts.

  • 07 - 09 of July
  • free
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