On the Panemunnė's castle road

Have you ever travelled most beautiful road of Lithuania, on which one side is river Nemunas, on other scarps with castles, dating back duke’s Vytenis times – thirteenth century?

We are offering you to visit legendary Panemunės, Raudonės and Raudondvaris castles and enjoy beautiful scenery.

During the excursion you will visit Panemunė castle, nearby situated barrows, according to what people say, is buried duke Vytenis with his wife.

Also royal Raudonė castle-manor complex, on which garden grows Gediminas oak – there have dined the Grand Duchy of Lithuania duke Gediminas.

Visit also Veliuona and come to Belveder manor and park, and on the end to the journey take a look at most remote from Klaipėda Raudondvaris castle and manor complex.


Excursion duration – about 10 hours.

Price per person - 32 €

* - Minimal size of the group 15 persons, maximal group 46 persons (on groups larger than 25 discounts apply).