Love in the Harbour City

In Klaipėda city the Love is hiding… LOVE! Let’s go to look after her?

Excursion “Love in harbor city”

Contents of the excursion. We will hear the love story of Tarava Anike. We will hear, how, in Klaipėda born Simon Dach in his lyrics offers to surrender to ‘hot flame of the passion’. We will wonder, was the forbidden fruit sweet for our ancestors also. We will admire the work of the sculptors made with love for the city. And for miraculous mouse of the old town we will express our wishes for deep heart. Close to the Dane river bank we will believe the miracle of the “Button of Luck”, we will learn to sew it in, that it will bring heated love! We will find the beloved symbols of the love, learn stories about them. ‘Through the Hole of the Lock’ we will look to royal delicates.